Carolinas Mid-Atlantic K9
Carolinas Mid-Atlantic K9
Carolinas Mid-Atlantic K9 (980) 522-6716
Carolinas Mid-Atlantic K9                 (980) 522-6716

About Carolinas Mid-Atlantic K9 Dog Trainers & Curriculum

Do you live in Mecklenburg County, Cleveland County, Gaston County or Lincoln County in North Carolina?  Does your pup need specialized training? 

Dog training is not just “sit” or “stay” or “roll over.”  Dog training is also about safety and protection, about you and your pet helping each other.  Maybe you have a very large furry friend but are having trouble physically controlling it because of its size and strength. 

Our approach is that positive reinforcement is what these animals respond to – not pain or punishment.  Dogs react and learn when they are doing the right thing by positive reinforcement and not when being yelled at for doing the wrong thing. 

Complete Assignments & Track Your Dog's Progress

Most sessions are only once or twice a week.  For a new dog in training, there are necessary things that need to be done almost daily.  That is why you will have homework to complete with your dog between classes.  You also need to chart the dog’s progress in order to be certain when it is time to move on to the next step of training.

Meet Our Dog-Loving Trainers

All of our trainers together are approaching 100 years of experience.  You can try, but it is likely that you will not find another pet training company that has this many years behind them.  Just talk to our customers and you will know that there is no better place to go when it is time for any of the various types of training we offer.  All training staff has been certified with a Master Trainer.

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