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Carolinas Mid-Atlantic K9
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Carolinas Mid-Atlantic K9                 (980) 522-6716

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Photo Gallery

Enjoy the photos below! Read the image captions to find out what the dogs are doing!

Australian Shepherd Australian Shepherd finishing working her bedbugging and termite decoys. She hit all decoys! Good Girl!
Confidence course Confidence course for window penetration for law enforcement
dog confidence course Confidence course for steep incline and height
Finishing building clearance Finishing building clearance with local law enforcement agencies and doing bite work on loading dock
school drug searches Finishing School drug searches with one of the dogs we trained
Rescued Austrailian Shepherd Austrailian Shepherd rescued from a dumpster. "One man's trash is another man's treasure"
Belgium Malinois puppies Belgium Malinois mother watching her pups as they are gaining vision and mobility
Belgium Malinois puppies playing Belgium Malinois puppies playing
good shepherd "Jesus said be a good shepherd and the sheep shall come to you for they will know your voice"
Female Belgium Malinois puppy Female Belgium Malinois puppy working on prey drive, bite work & obedience training. She has a great full mouth bite and plenty of drive at 14 weeks old.
human tracking and apprehension Working with local law enforcement agencies doing human tracking and apprehension under live gunfire
Male's Belgium Malinions puppies Rex, my male puppy, doing obedience training. Good boy!
Male Belgium Malinois puppy Male Belgium Malinois puppy working on building Obedience training on the Training Table and bite work
Gunny Gunny my other Male Belgium Malinois puppy working on the Training Table doing obedience training and bite work
Future Law enforcement K9s Future Law enforcement K9s for Law Enforcement Agencies. All three Belgium Malinois pups will be Police K9s


I called and researched many company's for the best place to take my German Shepard to for training. After talking to Rick I knew Carolinas Mid Atlantic would be the perfect fit. Rick is very knowledgeable and patient with training. Anytime a question arises he is there to help. My Shepard has learned basic commands and improving in his confidence level every week. Not only is my Shepard excited to see Rick , so am I!

I highly recommend Carolinas Mid Atlantic.

Amber and her pup finishing up obedience training getting ready to start protection work!

Amber and i starting assesment test to determine if he is ready for protection work!

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