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Carolinas Mid-Atlantic K9                 (980) 522-6716

Dog Training & K9 Obedience Services

We offer all types of dog training from basic obedience for the family pet to advanced professional working dog training for law enforcement. We have worked with 63 different enforcement agencies as well as the medical community for pet therapy.


Not all dogs can be trained in the same, or even a predictable, amount of time.  It depends on the breed, the relationship with the owners, and how thoroughly you do your homework. Yes, pet training involves homework!

Areas of Dog Training

Basic Obedience – On- and Off-Leash


Human Tracking – Using even only a small amount of evidence to find a missing person or someone who might not want to be found


Drug and Narcotic Detection – Used in schools, by law enforcement, and private individuals when someone suspects that illegal drugs might be present or have been present


Cadaver Tracking – Using even only a small amount of evidence to find victims of an accident, building collapse, or other unfortunate situation where there might be bodies that are covered or not visible


Business and Home Protection – An alternative or enhancement to keeping weapons in a home, a dog is a formidable presence to an intruder


Bed Bug and Termite Detection – To protect your health and well-being, often employed by hotels and motels for the comfort of their customers


Arson Detection – To find evidence and/or material that might have been or could be used to start a fire

Things to Know About Canine Training

Although the time it takes to train different dogs will vary by age, breed and other factors, most dogs will need about six weeks to complete the entire process. 

We offer a 4-week Doggy Boot Camp that has been very successful. All your pets need are proof of vaccination and to be in good health in order to handle training because there is some physical outdoor work. On our obstacle courses dogs can both learn and have a lot of fun!

If you live in or near Charlotte, North Carolina, including Mecklenburg County, Cleveland County, Gaston County, or Lincoln County, give us a call and we can get started training your pooch today!

Here is Arco, a German Shepherd who started with no training whatsoever, and finished our Boot Camp for Obedience in three and a half weeks!


Arco completed both on and off leash obedience training, and learned to follow both hand commands, and voice commands (in German.)


At the end of Boot Camp, we always provide a transition period. During this time, we coach the owners on exactly how to properly apply the commands with which the dog has been trained.


This is how we set both dog and owner up for success with the canine's new training!

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